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    BOOM! Studios will print new editions containing much of the classic Power Rangers comics.

    NewsShamus Kelley
    Oct 5, 2017

    Power Rangers has had a long history in comics that's mostly been forgotten, especially in the wake of the fantastic new BOOM! Studios series. Thankfully, BOOM is treating longtime fans well with a rerelease of these classic tales. Announced at NYCC, a new collection entitled Mighty Mophin Power Rangers Archive Vol. 1 will start to collect classic Power Rangerscomics. Text of the panel is below thanks to No Pink Spandex.

    This morphinominal, remastered Archive contains the explosive Power Ranger series from Marvel, Image, Papercutz, and Hamilton Comics – all collected for the first time ever. This volume chronicles Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Alien Rangers saga, and Power Rangers Zeo.

    With it being volume one we wonder how many volumes will be in this series. There's only so many classic comics. 

    One thing that could bolster the collection is releasing previously unseen material. Legendarily there was another issue of Image Comics Power Rangers Zeo series that was ready to go which never saw the light of day. A third volume in Papercutz's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series was also near completation but was pulled when they lost the license. Could any of this material be included, even in bonus form? Hopefully we'll find out soon.

    There's also some extra content in the Power Rangers Marvel comics, specifically VR Troopers side stories. Will they be reprinted alongside the Power Rangers stories? What about the Masked Riderone shot comic? We can only hope they'll all be included.

    Mighty Mophin Power Rangers Archive Vol. 1 will be released in June 2018. 

    Shamus Kelley hopes those VR Troopers comics see the light of day. Do it for Ryan Steele's daddy issues, BOOM. Follow him on Twitter!

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    Todd McFarlane's long-gestating Spawn movie reboot is finally becoming a reality.

    News John Saavedra
    Oct 5, 2017

    Todd McFarlane has been trying to get a new Spawnmovie made for the past few years, and it looks like it's finally going to happen. Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions - you know them from horror movies like Get Out, Split, Paranormal Activity, and many more - will team up with McFarlane to make the new R-Rated movie.

    McFarlane, who created the character back in 1992, will write, direct, and produce the film himself. He previously announced that he'd completed the first draft of a script for the film, which he's described as a smaller affair than some of the current superhero spectacles. 

    At New York Comic Con, he announced that the script is ready, and the movie will begin filming in February 2018.

    "I’d put it more into the horror/suspense/supernatural genre," McFarlane told back in 2016. "If you take the movie The Departed meets Paranormal Activity, something like that… In the background, there’s this thing moving around, this boogeyman. That boogeyman just happens to be something that you and I, intellectually, know is Spawn. Will he look like he did in the first movie? No. Will he have a supervillain he fights? No. He’s going to be the specter, the ghost."

    So this will certainly be a different take than the 1997 film, which starred Michael Jai White and John Leguizamo. Evidently, the critical and financial failure of Spawn's big screen debut stung McFarlane so bad that he decided to right the ship himself. 

    No news on who might play Spawn in this new take. Definitely no sign of a release date. We'll keep you updated as we learn more!

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    A panel at New York Comic Con revealed the reboot of Milestone with five new titles and more!

    NewsGavin Jasper
    Oct 5, 2017

    Even though it’s only been a day, one of the better panels of New York Comic Con is that of “The Return of the Dakota Universe and the Launch of Earth M,” otherwise known as “The Milestone 2.0 Panel.” Various creators showed off the upcoming reboot of the Milestone imprint, which will be coming out in spring of 2018. Said creators included Jim Lee, Reginald Hudlin, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle, Alice Randall, Kyle Baker, Ken Lashley, and Greg Pak.

    Milestone was a trendsetting venture the first time around, making the return a bit of a challenge. It’s like when you watch a movie based on a classic book. The book has been copied by so many people over the years that by the time new eyes check out the film, it feels old hat. Luckily, the creators feel that they have the originality to pull it off.

    Even then, DC Comics will be releasing trades of the classic line over time.

    Five comics have been announced for the launch with an intended second wave somewhere down the line. Unlike with the New 52, the Milestone crowd will be in their own little world and not integrated with the likes of the Justice League and so on. This universe will be known as Earth M, which comes with a snazzy new logo.

    The backbone comic is Milestone #1 Featuring: Icon and Rocket. Hudlin and Cowan will be writing it with Ken Lashley on art. It will feature various other Milestone mainstays and was cryptically described as, “A story that Superman would never do.”

    Static Shock will be written by Hudlin and Cowan with art by Kyle Baker. Amusingly, the first piece of art shown had Static doing a variation of the Air Jordan logo. Another piece of art revealed a character named Amber, a smarmy-looking superheroine dressed in a red, white, and blue outfit with handcuffs hanging off her belt. She’s also white and apparently her family doesn’t make enough money to move out of their predominantly-black neighborhood.

    Duois an updated take on the Milestone classic Xombi, this time with story by Hudlin and Cowan, but written by Greg Pak. Jim Lee will be doing cover art. In this comic, a woman sacrifices her life to save her husband at a terrible cost: the two of them now share the same mind and they are forever immortal together.

    A more original series is Love Army, written by Hudlin with concept art by Ryan Benjamin. This one is about an all-female task force in the form of a secret organization spread across the globe.

    Then there’s Earth M, a very mysterious series by Hudlin and Alice Randall with art by Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz. It’s a book about a vigilante that’s supposedly dark and edgy, but not grim and gritty. Based on the pages shown and the talks of how iffy they expected DC to be about it, I can’t help but think that this is possibly the Batman of Earth M, dealing in a less cut-and-dry take on the vigilante concept. At the very least, he’s a Batman pastiche.

    About halfway into the panel, Robert Kirkman was brought in. He has a new show on AMC called The Secret History of Comics and he showed a clip from an episode about the creation of the original Milestone imprint. The clip was about 10-15 minutes long and was exceptional. The show itself premieres on Sunday, November 12 at 11pm.

    So yeah, the new Milestone stuff is looking pretty rocking so far. They even made mention that Christopher Priest will be writing stuff for it in the future, so thumbs up on that.

    Gavin Jasper will be shirtless at Comic Con this weekend. Sorry. Follow him on Twitter!

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  • 10/06/17--02:50: Marvel's Mutant Families
  • With The Gifted arriving earlier this week, we take a look at the mutant families of the Marvel world...

    Feature James Hunt
    Oct 6, 2017

    The forthcoming X-Men universe TV show, The Gifted, will place its focus on a family dealing with the awakening of its mutant children’s X-genes. Of course, Marvel is no stranger to mutant families – the X-Men franchise is practically overflowing with them.

    Within the X-Men comics, the unexpected twists, turns and revelations about parentage make it near-impossible to keep things straight. I’m trying not to include alternate-universe characters unless they’ve had a significant impact on the "real" Marvel Universe too, otherwise let’s face it – we’d be here all week.

    Magneto’s family

    As the leader of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Magneto was the de facto patriarch to a substantial number of mutants – although in some cases, that meant literally. At one point, Magneto was thought to be the father of the X-Men member Polaris (who will be appearing in The Gifted, no less!) as well as the Avengers' Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. This, in turn, made him the grandfather of their children – Luna (a human child born of Quicksilver and Crystal, an Inhuman) and the Scarlet Witch’s mystically-created twins, Wiccan and Speed (both members of the Young Avengers).

    Of course, comic history being what it is, all of this has been rescinded at some point. Polaris was first confirmed to not be Magneto’s daughter, until a few decades later it was re-confirmed that actually, she was. Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were recently shown to be the children of the Roma couple, Django and Marya, that raised them, as they originally believed before Magneto’s parentage was revealed. Comics, right?

    As it stands, Magneto is known to have fathered two children: Anya, with his wife Magda, both of whom were killed before the child’s mutant powers would have manifested, and Polaris, with a woman named Suzanna with whom Magneto had a brief affair.

    Magneto also has a clone/twin called Joseph who is somewhere out there, although it’s safe to say he probably won’t show up to any family reunions.

    Mystique’s family

    Raven Darkholme is over a hundred years old, and that means she’s had plenty of time to sow some wild oats, as you’re about to discover.

    Mystique has at least two biological children: Nightcrawler, who she fathered with the demon Azazel, and the late anti-mutant campaigner Graydon Creed, who she fathered with Sabretooth. Mystique was also the adoptive mother to Rogue, taking her in when she ran away from home following the manifestation of her powers.

    So that takes care of Mystique’s immediate family, but the extended family is considerably more complicated. Azazel also fathered a number of other mutants as part of his attempt to escape hell (don’t ask), including Abyss and Kiwi Black, making them the half-siblings of Nightcrawler and Rogue but not of Graydon Creed. Nightcrawler, meanwhile, was adopted by a circus family after being abandoned by Mystique and gained two additional siblings, Jimaine Szardos (aka Amanda Sefton) and the late Stephen Szardos.

    Furthermore, Mystique’s partner Destiny is believed to be the grandmother of the precognitive mutant Blindfold, making her the great-niece of Mystique’s children, including Nightcrawler and Rogue. Although to be honest, at this point I’m not sure even they’ve managed to figure that out.

    The Summers-Grey family

    Hoo boy, here we go. This is the big one. Take a stiff drink now.

    Major Christopher Summers and his wife, Katherine Summers, had two children: Scott and Alex, who would later go on to become the X-Men Cyclops and Havok. However, while the children were still young the parents were teleported from a plane crash by the alien Shi’ar, though Katherine had already pushed her children out of the plane wearing a parachute.

    Scott and Alex were sent to an orphanage, while Christopher and Katherine remained in space. Katherine was found to be pregnant and her child, Gabriel (the mutant Vulcan) was raised by the Shi’ar after a failed attempt to escape from them. Christopher, thinking all three of his children dead, remained in space as the captain of the alien pirates, the Starjammers.

    Back on Earth, Cyclops was romantically involved with Jean Grey until her death, at which point he fell in love with Madeleine Pryor and fathered a child – Nathan. However, Pryor turned out to be a clone of Jean, at which point she turned evil and died, just after it turned out Jean Grey was alive all along (sort of).

    Nathan, meanwhile, was infected with a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse and then taken 1000 years into the future for his protection. Here he was cloned, and the clone – Stryfe - was raised by Apocalypse. The adult Cable also adopted two children of his own – Tyler (aka Genesis) and Hope Summers.

    Still with me? Good. Because there are also at least two alternate-reality members of this family worth mentioning (and a few more that aren’t). The first is Rachel Summers, the daughter of Scott and Jean/Phoenix, who returned to the present day and remains in the Marvel Universe. The other is Nate Grey (aka X-Man), an alternate-universe version of Cable who was created by an alternate version of Mr. Sinister in the Age of Apocalypse reality but crossed over into ours, where he died then got better.

    That’s basically it for the most interesting members. Jean has a lot of relatives, but most of them were killed by the Shi’ar in an attempt to prevent the Phoenix re-emerging through her bloodline. Cyclops also has at least one possible brother – Adam-X, who is the son of the Shi’ar emperor D’Ken and a human woman who could be, but has never been confirmed as Katherine Summers.

    Not so much a family tree as an entire forest. But that’s what happens when you’ve got TWO X-Men in a relationship. Twice the complexity, twice the confusion…

    Professor X’s family

    We’ll finish off with an easy one: Professor Charles Xavier.

    Despite what the movies might have you believe, Professor X has no childhood connection to Mystique. He does, however, have a connection to the Juggernaut. We’ll get to it.

    Charles Xavier was born the son of Brian and Sharon Xavier. But before that, he killed his twin sister (actually an evil psychic mirror entity known as a 'mummudrai') in the womb – though her consciousness survived and she regrew a body to become the villain Cassandra Nova.

    When Brian Xavier was killed in an accident, Sharon then married his colleague, Flint Marko. Flint’s son, Cain, became Xavier’s half-brother. The pair would later fight overseas together in the military where Cain stumbled upon the Ruby of Cyttorak, which transformed him into the Juggernaut.

    Professor X also has a son – David Haller, aka Legion (star of TV’s Legion).

    Of course, if you need further evidence of how convoluted these families can get… Professor X was married to Lilandra Nermani, the sister of D’Ken, who is the father of Cyclops’ probable brother Adam-X. Xavier was also secretly married to Mystique (though that may have been erased due to temporal manipulation, the story was frustratingly vague), meaning that through him you can potentially unite the Summers-Grey-Darkholme-Xavier family trees into one giant, convoluted web of confusion.

    If anyone wants to try and make a diagram, we can’t wait to see it. Hopefully The Gifted keeps its familial relationships a little more straightforward than your average X-Men comic…

    The Gifted airs on Mondays at 9pm on Fox.

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    The upcoming issue from BOOM! Studios also hints at the return of a fan favorite team of villains.

    NewsShamus Kelley
    Oct 6, 2017

    The BOOM! Studios Power Rangers comics have played with the continuity of the series extensivly since they debuted but this might be the most insane thing they've done yet. In Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #20 by Kyle Higgins and artist Daniele Di Nicuolo takes the story back 1969 to meet "the original squad" accroding to IGN.

    The names and character descriptions for each member are as follows.

    • Igor – 21, male, Soviet KGB agent
    • Jamie – 24, female, British singer/songwriter
    • Terona – 21, male, war veteran
    • Daniel – 18, male, student/protestor
    • Grace – 21, female, head secretary at NASA and wannabe astronaut

    We've got a look at the team here and they are beautiful.

    Male Pink Ranger? Female Red Ranger? While these have been done in Power Rangers and Sentai before it's still great to see more of it.

    This comic looks amazing. Long time fans will note that at least in terms of the show continuity this isn't the first MMPR team, that honor going to the Wild West Rangers. However, since that change in time didn't happen until season two of the original series it's safe to assume this is BOOM! once again changing things up in the comics verse. Plus, if Kimberly didn't travel back in time would the Wild West Rangers have ever happened?

    We've got the cover for the issue here which gives us some clues.

    Writer Kyle Higgins, speaking to IGN says the issue, "is going to take us back in time to explore a very different—yet familiar—team of Rangers: the ones that stopped a secret Moon attack during the 1960s. Who were the Power Rangers of 1969? What happened to them? And how do they fit into our current story? We're jumping into the Wayback Machine to the Summer of Love to meet a new cast of Rangers, some of whom will have a huge impact on the future of the Mighty Morphin team!"

    Seeing how this ties into the main story will be fascinating. Cold War Power Rangers? Sign us up! The synopsis also teases a possible HUGE return.

    Synopsis: An eye-opening new piece of Power Rangers history is revealed! Well before Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Billy, and Trini became Power Rangers, Zordon was forced to recruit Rangers to battle a foe who’s downright...psycho.

    Psycho? Could these foes be the Psycho Rangers, the evil team of Rangers from Power Rangers in Space? That would be one hell of a twist to the mythos, that's for sure. We'll have to wait and see before we speculate furthur.

    Issue #20 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers goes on sale October, 2017.

    In Russia, Megazord forms Shamus Kelley! Follow him on Twitter!  

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    Who is better: Barry Allen or Wally West? Joshua Williamson will answer the biggest question of all in "Flash War."

    News John Saavedra
    Oct 6, 2017

    We've seen Batman fight Superman more times than we can count, and Superman will face off against Dr. Manhattan in November's Doomsday Clock #1. But DC is preparing for the biggest match up of all: Barry Allen vs. Wally West. Who is the better Flash? That question will be answered in "Flash War," the latest arc from Flash writer Joshua Williamson, with art by Christian Duce and covers by Howard Porter. 

    "Flash War" will kick off on January 31 with The Flash Annual#1. During the DC Metal/New Age of Heroes panel at New York Comic Con 2017, Williamson said that he's always noticed an inherent rivalry between fans of the two heroes. It looks like Williamson, who's done terrific work The Flash since DC's Rebirth relaunch, will take it upon himself to give Flash fans the answer they've been craving. 

    This arc spins out of the Dark Nights: Metalevent, according to Williamson, but the seed might have been planted all the way back in DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns, which is the book that launched the entire Rebirth line. In that story, Wally West returned to the DC Universe after being lost in the Speed Force for 10 years as a result of Flashpoint. It gets more complicated, but the point is that Barry saved Wally and there have been two Flashes running around since 2016. Could that be about to change?

    We'll find out by The Flash #46, says Williamson. That will mark the finale of "Flash War."

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    Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock revealed 6 pages of lettered preview art at New York Comic Con.

    NewsMike Cecchini
    Oct 6, 2017

    DC Comics finally pulled the tarp off their ambitious Watchmen sequel, Doomsday Clock at New York Comic Con. Fans at the Friday night panel, which featured Geoff Johns being interviewed by The Magicians author Lev Grossman, were shown the first six pages of Doomsday Clock. The preview promises an intense experience, and one that appears remarkably faithful to the spirit and tone of the legendary original by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

    Doomsday Clock begins six years after the conclusion of Watchmen, where Adrian Veidt’s big gambit has been exposed. As you might expect, the public doesn’t take it very well. The world, which was dragged, kicking and screaming, back from the brink of destruction by Veidt’s grand scheme in 1986 is suddenly thrust right back to the doorstep of World War III. Veidt is now, according to Johns, “the most wanted man in the world, for murdering three million people.”

    The first six pages, which were shown in unlettered, uncolored form on the main stage at New York Comic Con with Johns walking the audience through it. But those same pages were released in fully lettered form via a special NYCC ashcan edition, which you can read in full below. The art by Gary Frank is spectacular, and conceivably the best work I’ve ever seen from him. Visually and tonally, Doomsday Clock #1 feels remarkably like Watchmen #13, which is impressive on its own.

    Johns, in statements both at NYCC tonight and at SDCC earlier this year, has made it clear that he didn’t take this project lightly. For one thing, he had such a clear vision for the project that if Gary Frank had turned down the offer to draw Doomsday Clock, then Johns would have shelved the entire project.

    I know more about the first issue of Doomsday Clock than I’m allowed to say here, as the unlettered versions of the remaining 24 pages in the issue were shown to a group of journalists the night before the panel. I can say this much, though, those other pages live up to what you see here.

    Doomsday Clock #1 (which will include colors by Brad Anderson), will hit shops on November 22nd. We'll have more details on the issue as we get closer to launch.

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    The offbeat Venomverse corner of the Marvel Universe is also a stop motion animation web series.

    NewsMarc Buxton
    Oct 7, 2017

    During the Friday Marvel House of Ideas panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel announced that everyone’s favorite killer symbiote Venom now has something in common with Gumby. Marvel unveiled a series of stop motion shorts featuring the Venom-ized characters of Venomverse.

    “There is this really gnarly stop motion thing we’re doing for Venomverse,” Marvel Executive Editor and VP of Digital Publishing told the NYCC crowd before rolling the footage of a Venomi-ized Rocket Raccoon, X-23, and other recognizable Marvel icons along with Eddie Brock himself encountering a really impressive looking stop motion Carnage. The footage looked like old school claymation and the retro aesthetic really wrked for the creepy symbiotes of the Marvel Universe.

    “It’s all done with stop motion and clay,” Lowe informed the crowd. “It’s not computer stuff. It’s so cool, and the guy who does it- a dude named Mr. Oz - he did one where he exploded one of the characters which we can’t even show you because we’re a family company.”

    Lowe went on to explain the concept of Venomverse. “It’s a huge event we’re doing where every type of Venom you can imagine comes together. It’s a play off our Spiderverse event. It has Eddie Brock Venom, Captain America Venom, Spider-Man Venom, Rocket Raccoon Venom, Deadpool Venom, and they go up against a group of monsters called the Poisons."

    As for the stop motion shorts, Lowe said that there will be one short for every issue of the prelude series Edge of Venomverse and one issue each for Venomverse proper.

    Fans enjoying the symbiote insanity of the Venomverse event miniseries by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Iban Coello will be able to enhance the tongue lashing terror with Marvel’s surprisingly cool stop motion chaos on Marvel's YouTube channel and So if you ever wanted to see a Gumby-like Carnage get all ultra-violent on a group of killer aliens, now Marvel has you covered. 

    Check some out right now and then head to YouTube for the rest!

    Stay tuned to Den of Geek all weekend for more big news from the floor of New York Comic Con. And if you’re good, there’s even more Venom news to come.

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    At NYCC, Audible created a "Museum of Artemis: Life on the Moon" for the audio version of Andy Weir's new novel.

    News Chris Longo
    Oct 7, 2017

    Andy Weir's novel The Martian was not only a best-seller, but it was adapted into the 2015 blockbuster of the same name starring Matt Damon. Naturally, Weir's follow up was going to draw fanfare and Audible played into that by creating a “The Museum of the Moon" exhibit outside of New York Comic Con.

    The audio version of Weir's new novel, Artemis, is narrated by actress Rosario Dawson, who was on-hand for the moon lighting ceremony on October 5th. On display was a 23-foot lunar installation from British artist Luke Jerram. The moon is suspended in air above visitors, uses NASA surface imagery, and has a surround-sound lunar-inspired musical accompaniment composed by Dan Jones.

    Artemis is a crime thriller set in the first and only city on the moon. It's due out on November 14th. 

    Dawson, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Star Trek alum Levar Burton were all present for the ceremony. Click the gallery above for images from the event! 

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    Young Animal will kick off a crossover with the DC Universe in January with a story called "Milk Wars."

    News John Saavedra
    Oct 7, 2017

    Since 2016, Young Animal has been dishing mindbending tales starring some bizarre DC deep cuts, including Shade, Forager, and Cave Carson. At the center of the imprint headed by writer and rockstar Gerard Way is Doom Patrolby Way and Nick Derington. 

    While the Young Animal universe has mostly kept to itself thus far, that's all about to change in January when the Justice League of America and the Doom Patrol team up to fight homogenization and the sameness that has invaded our society (just consider the number of Starbucks in your neighborhood). 

    While the crossover event was first announced at San Diego Comic-Con this year, we learned a bit more about it at the Vertigo/Young Animal panel at New York Comic Con. At the center of this story is a character named Milkman Man, which of course is a character in a Young Animal book. The crossover event is appropriately called "Milk Wars."

    The opening JLA/Doom Patrol issue will be written by Way and Steve Orlando, with pencils from Aco. The issue is out on Jan. 31. The crossover event will then spill out into other Young Animal series. The schedule is as follows: Mother Panic/Batman (Feb 7), Shade/Wonder Woman (Feb 14), Cave Carson/Swamp Thing (Feb 21), and Doom Patrol/JLA (Feb 28).

    Speaking to fans at the panel, co-writer Orlando asked Way over text to say what "Milk Wars" was in one sentence. Way's reply was simply, "Milk Wars in one sentence."

    "Milk Wars" will be set up by Doom Patrol #12, which is due out on 12/27. Here's the synopsis for that book:

    Something normal is happening to the Doom Patrol. Which means not weird, since their own normal is very weird. There are mysterious forces at work, unseen hands rewriting history, and the change is so gradual, the team doesn’t even necessarily see how much they are changing. The end of our second big Doom Patrol arc leads into big things to come next month! 

    Here's some art from "Milk Wars":

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    Spider-Man loses it all in "Fall of Parker" but finds love with Mockingbird and rejoins The Daily Bugle!

    NewsMarc Buxton
    Oct 7, 2017

    The announcements came fast and furious during the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends panel at New York Comic Con. Marvel told the Spidey fans in attendance that in the opening arc of Marvel Legacy's renumbered Amazing Spider-Man, writer Dan Slott and artist Stuart Immonen will present "The Fall of Parker," a story in which Peter Parker will lose everything. Over the past few years of Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker has become a business tycoon and billionaire technologist. But the old Parker luck is soon to bite Pete in a big, bad way.

    “We did something with Peter Parker you should never, ever do,” Dan Slott told the standing room only New York crowd. “We gave him tons and tons of money and all the toys in the world…this is the Marvel Universe, so we take it all away from him and drop him lower than we ever have before.”

    Slott went on to tease that “What you’re going to see is that Pete is going to find a way back to TheDaily Bugle…we’re leaning into the Marvel Legacy of it, but we’re doing it in a new way. It’s a way we’ve never seen the Bugle before.”

    Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe showed off some gorgeous Immonen interior art and some stunning Alex Ross covers. Slott also teased that Peter will also lose his corporate headquarters the Baxter Building (much to the chagrin of Spidey’s pal Johnny Storm) and will also begin a new romantic relationship with Mockingbird!

    “We’ve seen Peter date masks like Black Cat,” Slott said. “Now we’re going to see if Pete and Bobbi can make things work.”

    The material loss isn’t the only thing on the horizon. “When he had all his money, toys, and resources,” Slott teased. “Spidey was going after villains out of his weight class. Avengers-level villains like Zodiac. Well, Pete locked a big time villain in a room for a year and when the door opened, Peter would have all the Parker Industry resources to solve the problem. Well, it’s a year, and Peter has lost everything.”

    So in "The Fall of Parker," we’ll see a destitute Spider-Man rejoin the Daily Bugle while fighting for his life against an ultra-powerful world beating villain at the same time that he finds a new love in the arms of Bobbi Morse, the former Avenger known as Mockingbird and super popular Marvel hero in her own right. Sounds compelling to us. It all begins next Wednesday in Amazing Spider-Man #789.

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    "A Lonely Place of Living" may feature more than just the return of Tim Drake, according to James Tynion IV.

    News John Saavedra
    Oct 7, 2017

    Since the DC Rebirth relaunch last year, the publisher has busied itself bringing back classic concepts and characters that have shaped their stories for the past century. Wally West returned last year in Geoff Johns'DC Universe: Rebirth #1, and its sequel crossover event, "The Button,"teased the return of classic Flash, Jay Garrick. A substantial chunk of Teen Titans lore has been restored to the DCU, as well as significant portions of Superman's pre-New 52 history

    But one noticeably absent fan favorite may finally be making his grand return to the DCU. At the DC Batman Spotlight panel at New York Comic Con, James Tynion IV, who is writing Detective Comics at the moment, dropped a hint about the return of Kon-El aka Conner Kent. Tynion IV teased that Conner would be somehow involved in "A Lonely Place of Living," the current arc of Detective Comics, which is about Tim Drake's escape from the enigmatic Mr. Oz's prison. 

    Tynion IV did not share whether Conner will in fact return in the flesh in this story, so this could very well just be a mention or a teaser for another storyline to come. That said, the news will surely excite Superman fans who have been longing for the return of the character for the last few years. 

    When pressed for details, Tynion IV replied, "Keep an eye out for [Detective Comics] #966." That issue is out next week. 

    "A Lonely Place of Living" already features a surprising amount of Superman lore. While it's mainly about Tim's escape, Jor-El and Doomsday have already been featured in the story. The big question will be which version of Kon-El are we getting? The New 52 version of Superboy was drastically different from the version first introduced in 1993 during the "Reign of the Supermen" storyline, and his evolution from arrogant young Superman clone to beloved Teen Titans member (and Tim's best friend) was wiped out by the 2011 reboot. But with Tynion's apparent desire to bring Tim back to his pre-New 52 roots, we have to assume he has similar feelings about Conner.

    More on the return of Conner Kent as we learn it!

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    Titan Comics will publish a series based on The Prisoner in honor of the classic show's 50th anniversary.

    News Mike Cecchini
    Oct 7, 2017
    "I am not a number! I am a free man!"

    If you've never seen cult classic TV series, The Prisoner, now would be a fine time to check it out. Cerebral, subversive, and with a strong anti-authoritarian streak, it feels particularly relevant today. Imagine if Daniel Craig's James Bond suddenly and without explanation retired from his 007 gig, and was promptly packed off to a mysterious village, where the residents have their needs pleasantly provided for them, but have no actual freedom to leave...or do anything the shadowy leaders disapprove of. The Prisoner is quirky and psychedelic, led by TV superspy Patrick MacGoohan, and it fits nicely along other classic genre shows of the era like the original Star Trekand Batman. It's influence spread through garage punk and psychedelic music (not to mention a killer Iron Maiden tune) and into the pages of Grant Morrison's trippy spy masterpiece, The Invisibles.

    Now Titan Comics have enlisted writer Peter Milligan and artist Colin Lorimer to bring the show to comics. This isn't the first time The Prisoner has found its way to the page, there was an interesting DC Comics prestige format series in the '80s that continued the story of the show's single season, for one thing. Right now, there's no word on what kind of take on the material Milligan and Lorimer are planning, or where it will fit in the show's bizarre timeline.

    “For a story where all is ambiguous, it’s hardly surprising that everyone takes from The Prisoner something different; like most people I had my own theories, my own twisted notions – mostly Kafkaesque and existential - of what was really going on in those mock Italianate dwellings.  Personally the stranger and more baffling it was the better it suited me,” Peter Milligan said in a statement. “So what an honor it is now, thanks to Titan Comics, to be writing Number 6’s successor into that enigmatic and beguiling world. And how cool it is to imagine that while I’m writing this new iteration of The Prisoner, I am at least for a while... number one.” 

    The Prisoner will arrive in 2018.

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    "Last Knight" will be Scott Snyder's final Batman story "for a long time," and it sounds absolutely insane!

    News John Saavedra
    Oct 7, 2017

    Scott Snyder has been writing Batman stories non-stop since 2011, including runs on Detective Comics, Batman, All-Star Batman, and the current Batman-focused DC crossover event, Dark Nights: Metal. After Metal, Snyder says that he has one more Batman story to tell.

    The book, which will be drawn by frequent collaborator Sean Murphy, is called "Last Knight" and it'll be Snyder's final Batman story for "a long time." The news was revealed at the DC Batman Spotlight panel at New York Comic Con to gasps from surprised fans. Snyder has been the main force behind storytelling in Gotham City for the better part of a decade and it will certainly be bittersweet to see him move on. 

    The writer shared some details about "Last Knight," including how it opens. The story takes place 25 years into the future in a postapocalyptic Gotham. Mysteriously, an amnesiac Batman suddenly wakes up as a younger version of himself with only a single memory: saying the words "Yes, father. I shall become a bat." That line of course is from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's "Year One" storyline that served as the Dark Knight's official origin story for decades until Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Zero Year" replaced it.

    If that's not weird enough of an opening, Snyder also teased the Joker's involvement in the story, which...well, hear it for yourself: "He’s got the Joker’s head chained to his belt, but it’s alive and like, ‘You gotta move, kid!’" Snyder's six-year tenure has constantly put a spotlight on Batman's relationship with the Joker, and it looks like he's finally going to team the two up for an insane adventure. The writer has previously described this story as Batman via Mad Max

    "Old Wonder Woman and Baby Superman" will also appear in the new book, according to Snyder. "It's like my Lone Wolf and Cub story."

    The writer said that the idea of bringing his take on Batman to a close had to do with some advice he got from fellow Batman veteran Grant Morrison when he was first starting out on the New 52 relaunch of Batman. According to Snyder, Morrison's advice was to create a beginning and an end for his version of the character. 

    "Make a birth and a death. Once you do that, he’s yours. He’s your version," Snyder said of Morrison's counsel. That doesn't mean Batman is going to die in "Last Knight," though. (Snyder has killed off Bruce Wayne once before.) "It’s not a death but it’s the end of my Bruce. This is the closing story of this for now."

    At the moment, "Last Knight" doesn't have a release date. Snyder said that he and Murphy will get started when the artist is done with Batman: White Knight, the limited series that just debuted this month. 

    We'll keep you posted as we learn more!

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    The most important series in comic book history has a big milestone coming. Expect a Superman celebration in Action Comics #1000.

    NewsMike Cecchini
    Oct 7, 2017

    Action Comics #1 was published in late February or Early March 1938 (don't be fooled by that June cover date) and it is essentially ground zero for the superhero revolution as we know it. Without this first appearance of Superman we don't get Batman a year later, or The Flash, or Captain America or any of the other characters who have become household names and billion dollar box office sensations. Not bad for a comic that only cost a dime.

    Generally acknowledged as the grandaddy of them all, Action Comics will be the first superhero series to reach a particular milestone next year, when it publishes its 1,000th issue, almost 80 years to the day, in March 2018. 

    There's not a lot of information available just yet, but here's what DC has to say for the moment:

    Action Comics #1000, written by Pete Tomasi and Dan Jurgens, will be published as a special, oversized edition featuring an all-star talent line-up writing back-up stories, including a story co-written by Geoff Johns and Superman film director, Richard Donner.

    That last part is especially significant for Superman fans. One of the most significant milestones in Superman history was the release of 1978's Superman: The Movie, one of the finest superhero movies ever made, which was directed by Richard Donner. Geoff Johns and Richard Donner have collaborated on Superman stories before, notably on Last Son, a 2006 story that introduced elements from Donner's films into the comics. Johns is now co-chair of DC Films, making him one of the chief stewards of the Man of Steel's big screen destiny. 

    DC is also planning a hardcover book that will celebrate the 80 year legacy of Action Comics, featuring milestones from throughout the publication's run. They're promising this one includes "an UNPUBLISHED 1940s Superman tale believed to be by Jerry Siegel and the Joe Shuster studio salvaged from the DC files fifty years ago and hidden away until now." 

    I'll update this with more information as it becomes available, but expect lots of cool Superman announcements as we head into 2018!

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming Justice League movie!

    NewsDen Of Geek Staff
    Oct 8, 2017

    This article contains some Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice spoilers.

    This is the one that the DC Extended Universe is building towards. Five years after The Avengers showed us that it was possible to pull off a non-mutant superhero team on the big screen, we'll finally see a JusticeLeaguemovie. Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder has wrapped filming on Justice League (with an assist from Joss Whedon), from a script by Batman v Superman's Chris Terrio. 

    Justice League Trailer

    Here's the brand new Justice League trailer!

    Here's all the other footage that has been released so far...

    The first trailer:

    And here's a look at the first footage that arrived at SDCC 2016! This was our first glimpse of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman working together on the big screen.

    We did a full analysis on this footage right here.

    Justice League Movie Release Date

    Justice League is scheduled for a November 17th, 2017 release. The complete DC superhero movie release calendar can be found here.

    Justice League Movie Villain

    In order for the Justice League to form, they need a threat with power levels that only a team of heroes could take down, right? 

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made it pretty explicit that Darkseid is on his way to this world, and there were several visual cues for those who are interested. We broke those down (along with lots more comic references in the movie) right here. But he isn't the villain of the Justice League movie. A deleted scene from Batman v Superman released online offered a look at a monstrous creature on a Kryptonian ship, who turned out to be another Fourth World related despot (and Jack Kirby creation), Steppenwolf.

    Steppenwolf is basically Darkseid's cousin, a powerful warrior from Apokolips who wields a pretty crazy energy axe. 

    Ciaran Hinds (you may know him as Mance Rayder on Game of Thrones which makes him a particularly cool choice for this part) is playing Steppenwolf in the film, and the actor spoke about how they got him into character. "Basically they’re going to construct something, digitally, and then they will use my eyes and mouth,"the actor told The Independent. Hinds describes Steppenwolf as "old, tired, still trying to get out of his own enslavement to Darkseid, [but] he has to keep on this line to try and take over worlds.”

    Here's what Steppenwolf looked like in that Batman v Superman deleted scene:

    And here's Ciaran Hinds as Mance Rayder. You may start your Photoshop engines accordingly...

    It's still inevitable that we'll see Darkseid in these movies, and he'll probably still be a presence in the first one. DC Comics used him as the catalyst for the formation of the Justice League in the current comic book series. He's a pretty big gun to burn this early, though, so holding him back for Justice League Part Two sound about as logical as anything else we've heard.

    Hit the next page for more info on the cast and story!

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    The Era of Venom Begins with a crossover between the Marvel Legacy renumbered Amazing Spider-Man and Venom in Venom Inc.!

    NewsMarc Buxton
    Oct 8, 2017

    There's a Venom movie starring Tom Hardy crawling into theatres in 2018, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as everyone’s favorite brain eating symbiote is concerned. Coming hot on the heels of the Venomverse event, Marvel will present "Venom Inc." a crossover that will appear in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and Venom. At the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends panel at New York Comic Con, Marvel teased what fans can expect from this upcoming Venom-centric event.

    Before spilling the details on "Venom Inc.," Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe backed things up and showed fans that before the story begins, Eddie Brock will go tongue to toe with Kraven the Hunter in the pages of Venom. But that’s only the start! After the battle with Kraven, the villainous Shriek will return. Shriek was Carnage’s killer girlfriend in the classic "Maximum Carnage" storyline of the '90s. And speaking of "Maximum Carnage," the artist of that beloved story, Mark Bagley, will return to Venom #155. Joining Bagley will be ongoing Venom writer Mike Costa.B

    “We have a story called Venom Inc.,” Lowe teased. “It’s going to cross Amazing Spider-Man and Venom together.”

    Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott added, “You’re going to get Eddie Brock, Flash Thompson, and Spider-Man along with some Venom-y characters you haven’t seen in a while.” Joining Slott and Costa will be artist Ryan Stegman on the Venom Inc. Alpha issue and the Amazing Spider-Man issues while Gerardo Sandoval will draw the Venom issues. As the art was shown, Lowe and company teased some Amazing Spider-Man cover art that featured Peter Parker wearing a symbiote mask. Uh-oh.

    The Venom crossover goodness doesn't end with "Venom Inc." as Eddie Brock will also cross paths with the X-Men in January’s X-Men Blue annual. Marvel teased that this team up will begin when “The X–Men drag Venom off into space… It all begins when something Venom related happens to Cyclops’ space pirate father Corsair and the X-Men need Venom’s help.” The meeting of X-Men and Venom will also feature the Marvel Universe proper debut of the villains of Venomverse, the Poison, in a story entitled "Poison X" by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Edgar Salazar.

    If that’s all not enough for the Venom faithful, Venom will also feature prominently in the first Marvel Legacy arc in Spider-Gwen by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriquez. So as Venom fans get ready for Tom Hardy to merge with the symbiote, they will have plenty of brain eating, slobbering action to keep them occupied as the Era of Venom begins!

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    We chat with the stars of Fox's The Gifted about how they're using X-Men mutants to discuss modern issues of privilege and injustice.

    News David Crow
    Oct 8, 2017

    In a scene fraught with terror and a gnawing sense of dread, a once peaceful family has seen their insulated lives shattered. Gathered in a parking garage in the dark, the stars of an ostensible superhero show—an obliviously bigoted father, his wife, and their two mutant children—have come crawling to what is essentially the Mutant Underground Railroad, begging the latter to save them from their own government. Except in The Gifted, freedom isn’t crossing the border into the United States; it is crossing the same border to escape into Mexico.

    “Ironic, huh?” Emma Dumont smiles when I bring up that exact twist of Mexican fate that is just one of the many political allusions populating Fox’s X-Men-adjacent television series. She then adds, “It’s all intentional. Nothing’s done by chance.”

    In The Gifted, Dumont plays Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, a mutant who’s fiercely active in the underground and who, like her father, has the ability to control magnetism. Also in the first episode of the series, she finds a fresh convert in Blink, a portal-manipulating mutant played by Gotham’s Jamie Chung. And like the co-star sitting next to her, Chung seems genuinely pleased to be part of a genre show that so many real world stakes on its mind.

    “I think you’ll see some different themes in our show in terms of questioning ethical boundaries,” Chung says. “What if a power goes wrong? What would you do if what you needed landed [you] in jail? What if they’re just after you because you are a mutant and you didn’t do anything wrong?”

    It’s an aspect that’s already pervasive in the first hour of The Gifted, which seems to using the familiar Marvel Comics metaphor-catchall of mutants to discuss issues very pertinent to 2017. As mentioned, the main family of the series was a briefly happy, upper middle class family grounded in a loving marriage with Reed and Kate Strucker (Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker). Both are engaged in their children’s lives, and think nothing of Reed’s work as a U.S. prosecutor who’s rounding up and putting away mutants deemed a “danger” to society. But that changes real quick when they discover their teenage children (Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes White) are also mutants.

    In the course of about five seconds, Acker’s Kate sees her political worldview, as well as her life, completely flip into unrecognizable contortions when government officials come in the dead of night to take her children away. It’s the kind of aggressive persecution of a minority that some Americans likely fantasize about ICE one day doing to undocumented immigrants. And it’s a startling moment in The Gifted, both for the audience and the actress playing Kate.

    “Yeah, I think [privilege] is a big issue that we try to address in the show,” Acker tells me during a roundtable interview with her and Moyer. “Just because something doesn’t affect you doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting for. And I think the complacency they’ve had with their lives, they’re living a very privileged life, they’re wanting for nothing. And then all of a sudden, you have someone at your door saying they’re going to take your kids away. I thought it was interesting when she was saying, ‘But my husband’s a prosecutor,’ and they’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s not going to help.’

    “So it is a quick turn, and I think from this point, the questions are now asked about where did we go wrong? Why didn’t we ask these questions earlier? How do we make up for this now? How do we maybe change family members [minds]? It goes in different directions to figure out how we can make other people see this light we have started to see.”

    It’s an especially rich conflict for Moyer to play, since his character will be on both sides of the law, including as a prisoner since The Gifted’s first episode ends with him being rounded up and placed right next to the mutant he incarcerated earlier in the episode… Dumont’s Polaris.

    “He’s actively participating in creating this disparity in society,” Moyer says of his character. “I don’t think he thinks he’s doing that. I think he thinks he’s doing what he does for the good of society to keep people safe… That all changes on a dime when he realizes his family is going to be affected by this, and that catalyst is what makes him have to consider some of the choices he’s made, and good drama makes you question your life choices, and that’s what he has to do.”

    Not that he can expect much sympathy from Polaris. The rest of the season hints that he will partner with the Daughter of Magneto, a mutant heroine he previously tried to pressure into naming names by revealing to her that she is pregnant with a child. It’s a relationship that Dumont suggests will be explored in great detail as The Gifted’s new season continues.

    Says Dumont, “Reed Strucker [comes to her as] a father, being like, ‘Hey dude, stop being crazy… Like you have a kid you need to take care of, and Polaris says, ‘F you! I don’t care what you have to say, and I’m going to fight even harder now.’ It’s, I think, the mama bear moment where people think because she’s having a child, she’s going to be all nice and ‘I have to protect the baby.’ No, she’s like I’m going to fight even harder. I don’t know how long gestation is for mutants, but if it’s nine months, she has nine months to make the world a better place so her kid can be born into a safe environment.”

    Yet that safer world apparently must include a begrudging relationship with Reed during the series’ inaugural season.

    “The thing about Reed and Polaris is she hates his guts. She thinks he’s what’s wrong with the world,” Dumont says. “He’s a bigot, he’s a bad person, he’s harming innocent people, and he doesn’t even realize that he is bad. But for survival, and for survival only, with the stakes so high with her mutant baby she has to worry about, she ends up having to work with Reed. But there’s a difference between putting something aside and forgiveness. I have to admit, I don’t think Polaris ever, ever forgives him.”

    This includes when Reed will try to ask for it later in the season.

    “There are moments where Reed admits he’s wrong. ‘I was wrong; I shouldn’t have done these things; I now realize my faults.’ And she basically says to him, ‘No, you don’t get to apologize and you definitely don’t get forgiveness from me.’”

    Maybe not this year, but since The Gifted’s first season is only going to take place over a mere 18 days—as per Chung and Dumont—that means there is plenty of time left as the pressure cooker of running from eagerly discriminating authorities continues into possible later seasons.

    The Gifted airs Monday nights on Fox at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

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    Chip Zdarsky promises "Spider-Man meets Die Hard" as the Marvel Legacy era of Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man begins.

    NewsMarc Buxton
    Oct 8, 2017

    It’s hard to imagine Peter Parker uttering the famous phrase “Yippee ki-yay, Mother F---er,” but fans will get close as Marvel will soon present an adventure they're promising is like Spider-Man meets Die Hard in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man. At the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends panel at New York Comic Con, it was announced that writer Chip Zdarsky (co-creator of Image’s Sex Criminals) and artist Adam Kubert will present a new story arc entitled "Most Wanted" where, as Zdarsky puts it, “Peter does Die Hard, but instead of Nakatomi Tower it’s his own apartment building.” Zdarsky goes on to tease that “Peter has to get out before SHIELD pulls him for questioning without revealing his powers. It’s super crazy.”

    Zdarsky’s Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man book has focused on the humorous side of the Wall Crawler in the opening issues, but Zdarsky warns that “we’ve had some laughs and chuckles but that’s soon to change.” Zdarsky acknowledged the tonal shift of the series by saying, “Between issue six where Spider-Man has an intense dinner with Jonah, and between issue seven, things get dramatically serious.”

    Zdarsky and Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe also teased future issues of "Most Wanted" that will also guest star Black Panther, “Will he be friend or foe?” Zdarsky asked of T’Challa. “Probably friend.”

    It all starts in November with the Marvel Legacy renumbered Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #297. If you haven’t been reading Spectacular, you’re missing some refreshingly old school Spidey stories with a modern twist by Zdarsky, one of comics’ most innovative and humorous writers.

    Will "Most Wanted" end with Spidey writing “Now I have web shooters, ho-ho-ho!” in a bad guy’s blood? Only time will tell. Probably not though.

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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    Timed to cash in on Legion Season 2, David Haller is getting a new comic series.

    News Jim Dandy
    Oct 8, 2017

    Marvel seems to be letting some of the restrictions on their X-Men line drop. For the first time in a couple of years, they held a specifically X-Men themed panel at New York Comic Con, and they leaked news of new books ahead of the con to build buzz.

    One of those new books is  The book is due out in January, written by Peter Milligan (X-Statix, Shade The Changing Man) with art from Wilfredo Torres (Jupiter's Circle, Black Panther). Presumably, the comic is timed to loosely coincide with season 2 of the outstanding FX show.

    David Haller is Professor Xavier's son, an omega-level mutant with multiple personalities, each having a different power. These personalities, and powers, are nearly endless, ranging from Jack Wayne, a dickish telekinetic, to The Origamist, a sumo wrestler who can fold time. The plot to this series sees one personality emerge that begins to consume other personalities. 

    David has starred in only one comic before: 2013's X-Men Legacy, where he fell in love with Blindfold as he attempted to control his various personalities and daddy issues. The end of that series seemed fairly final for David; however, that was pre-Secret Wars and pretty easy to handwave away.

    Milligan's previous X-Men work has been mixed: he wrote the aforementioned creative darling, X-Statix (a fairly radical departure from the X-Force he took over). But he ALSO was responsible for turning Gambit, Sunfire, and Polaris into Horsemen of Apocalypse. Fortunately for everyone involved, Legion seems much more up his alley.

    For more information on Legion, the comic or the show, stick with Den of Geek!

    Read the full Den of Geek NYCC Special Edition Magazine right here!

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